Find Your Kitchen

Over the years I think that the health and fitness industry has managed to do a HORRIBLE job in encouraging people to eat healthy.  One of the things I feel that has been done is they have managed to take the concept of eating healthy and turned it into something NO ONE in their right mind would want to do.  Who wants to sit down to a steaming bowl of twigs sprinkled with muesli, wheat germ or for god's sake... FISH OIL?!?  Umm, yeah... no thanks!  Count me out of that one... i'll be over at the DQ getting my Blizzard on thank you very much! 

The other thing I feel (remember, these are all just MY opinions) they have done is make it an exclusive club for privileged people who have too much time, money and Lululemon.  We've been fooled into thinking that if we weren't actually out in the pasture massaging the cattle while having wheat grass shots with the rancher before we have a steak we are somehow in violation of some code of ethics and that ourselves, our children and our children's children will be doomed to roam the earth for the rest of our days as morbidly obese neophytes wondering what we did wrong.

Today, I am not here to discuss the importance of our food supply, believe me, I truly am a fan of knowing where our food comes from, how it was raised etc.  But that's not what I want to get into right now, I'll save that for another time. 

Someone the other day mentioned, how can I still have exciting food choices, and still be healthy.  I think this, as most things, comes down to balance.  There are some things you will want to eat that, let's face it, are just never REALLY going to be healthy choices.  Those are the things that I would suggest cutting back on.  Make them treats instead of your "go-to" meals.  I read once that the words "chocolate cake" to Americans meant "guilt", but to Europeans, they associated the words with "celebration" .  Make those high calorie, high fat meals something special, that doesn't happen that often. And then when you DO have them, make them an experience... ENJOY it!  Don't mindlessly eat it all while watching TV, texting and Facebooking.

But, what about all the OTHER meals in between the splurges... what THEN?!?  Take a look at the foods you LOVE to eat... see what the themes are.  WHY do you enjoy them?  How can you take them and modify them so that they are healthier yet still something you enjoy eating?  Spend some time deconstructing the things you love.  What can be left out, what can be substituted, etc.  How can you incorporate different spices and flavors to your dishes so that your taste buds won't even know you're on the healthy eating bandwagon again?


Get in the kitchen and experiment, get your hands dirty, hell... get the KITCHEN dirty... have fun!  And let's talk about the "time" objection that I always get...  make it a priority!  If you want to spend more TIME with your family and loved ones... do it in the kitchen.  Turn off the TV, make cooking and preparing food a celebration, not a chore.  Food should come from your heart... not a box.  And here's the best part... if you are preparing your food, even without making all the healthier choices and alternatives... it is STILL likely to be infinitely better for you than anything you picked up from a drive-thru window on the way home.


Posted on October 20, 2013 .