Is Deepak DEEP Or A Wingnut?

This article is hilarious... but more than it being funny, it's full of great advice.  These are the things I am constantly saying to my clients:   

  • Exercise, because it has a positive effect on your brain chemistry, making you better able to stick to a healthier eating plan. 
  • Work on your priorities and your work schedule so you actually have time to prepare meals using fresh ingredients.
  • Get the family involved in meal preparation.
  • Gradually replace heavily processed “treat” foods with healthier, unprocessed choices over time.
  • Eat meals at the dinner table at planned times, and be aware of how many calories you’re ingesting.
  • Still have indulgences, but make them more rare, and only when you really want them. And still, eat just enough to satisfy the craving.
Posted on December 11, 2013 .