Don't Enjoy Thanksgiving!

I got your attention didn't I?!?  I know you are getting ready to call me all SORTS of names and say what a horrible, uncaring person I am for telling you not to enjoy Thanksgiving... but wait... read on...

I’ve been seeing several posts and articles by other people who live in the world of fitness telling you how you should be eating…or NOT eating for Thanksgiving.  I saw a picture that equated each lovely item that many of us are looking forward to enjoying with family and loved ones to an exercise and how much of every exercise you would have to do to negate the calories from each of those lovely items… that you are going to enjoy, with family and loved ones.  I would like to submit this to you as the dissenting opinion (some of you just had to sit down didn’t you?)  Who wants to think about how many burpees that roll is worth?  Do we REALLY need to know just how much time and distance we need to log on the treadmill to get rid of that extra piece of pumpkin pie that your grandma made (with love and pride…and lots of butter and sugar) for a special day where she gets to see her favorite people gathered in one place? There is a time and a place for everything… and perhaps Thanksgiving is not the time to be counting calories and obsessing over everything we eat. 

My philosophy allows for room to enjoy your life.  I fully believe, and tell my clients all the time, that one bad meal is NOT going to destroy all your fitness goals the same way that eating one healthy meal won’t get you TO your fitness goals.  It’s a balancing act, a dance.  Exercise and nutrition to a certain extent is a lot (like all of life) more grey than it is black and white.  Am I advocating eating everything in sight until you are MISERABLE?  No, absolutely not, there is a difference between enjoying a meal or a celebration and gluttony.  You can still listen to your body and respect its limits yet enjoy the things that you don’t normally have.  

The other thing to keep in mind that Thanksgiving is really just one day… so the trick there is to not let it turn into a week long binge.  So after the big day is over, after everyone has gone home (with leftovers… get the temptation out of your house) get back on track.  Don’t let one day set the tone for what could quickly turn into the next several months. It’s easy to let Thanksgiving kick off the holidays and then keep eating all through the dark, cold winter months and then in March wonder what the hell happened.  

Enjoy the food, enjoy your friends, loved ones and traditions…. and remember to be THANKFUL for all the good things in your life!

Posted on November 26, 2014 .