Keep The Change

"Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death."  Anais Nin


     Life is full of change, it's been said that change is the only constant there IS.  If change is inevitable, why do so many of us tend to fear it and resist it so much?  Can you really look back at a time that going through a change didn't somehow help you to grow, to learn, to become stronger… help you become the amazing person you are today? I learned at an early age to embrace change, we moved around quite a bit (I'm pretty sure that's what contributed to my nomadic tendencies) and I would have to start over at a new school as the new kid that showed up halfway through the year.  Every time I found myself in a different school it would be time to start over again, learn new names, new faces and new rules… how things worked there (and perhaps most importantly which kids would be the ones that would be beating me up.)  It got to the point that I couldn't go to long without some sort of change… as a result I was always rearranging my room… always looking to get a different perspective on things.

    I think what scares most people about the idea of change is that it's usually associated with something that's perceived as bad.  That's just sort of how we're wired.  It's also sort of how we are programmed too though I believe.  If you watch, listen or read the news that is pretty much all they talk about, how things are changing… and how we're all going to be absolutely doomed as a result of it!  But what would happen if we let go of our attachment to "good" and "bad" and learned to be more open to "what is"?  If we accept that change is inevitable, that no matter how much we kick and scream… no matter how much energy we expend trying to resist it… it's going to happen, wouldn't it be easier?  

    We grow and learn new things every time something changes, it's a chance to discover new insights and different aspects about your life.  Are there things in your life that you would like to improve (lose weight, gain muscle, get a degree)?  It's a given that nothing will improve by itself… we have to do things differently to make that happen.  Guess what… without CHANGE, there would be no improvements.  Change has the ability to take us out of our comfort zone… but as I always tell my clients… just outside of that comfort zone is where the magic happens!  Outside of our comfort zones is where we learn, grow, and LIVE.  If we are not learning, growing and living… we are stuck.  What is the point of being on this amazing planet if we are just going to remain stuck in our limited little shell of safety (especially considering that even if you don't WANT to change anything, it's going to happen!)  

    I'm going to leave you with a list of 10 reasons why you should embrace change.  Write them down so you can see them often.  Print them out.  Paint them on your walls.  

    1.)  Without change there would be no adventure in life.        

    2.)  Change brings possibilities.

    3.)  Change is learning, learning is growing and growing is living.

    4.)  When there is no change, things stay the same, stagnate and die.

    5.)  It takes a lot more energy and effort to resist change than it does to accept it.

    6.)  Change can teach you how to be flexible and open to new ideas.

    7.) Everything must change.

    8.)  Fear of change is a feeling you can change.

    9.)  Change can make you stronger.

    10.)  Without change there would be no butterflies… only caterpillars.

     "Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks."  Warren Buffett

Posted on March 2, 2014 .