Tips For Treats

With halloween just around the corner, oftentimes it’s the idea of gaining a bunch of weight from eating all the candy in sight that is scarier than the thought of skeletons and ghosts walking among us. Even if you are the kind of person who would never dream of buying a candy bar or a bag of Skittles, it’s harder to resist the temptation when everywhere you turn there seems to be a bowl FULL of mini Snickers practically begging you to eat them. And they are so small  that the idea that they could lead to you packing on some extra pounds seems almost impossible. Keep in mind that each one of those little bite-sized candy bars is around 100 calories. Now, stay with me a little longer, 500 extra calories a day can lead to gaining roughly one pound per week. Are you beginning to see how slippery the slope can get? The good news is I have some Tricks you can use for your treats!

1.)  Buy The Stuff You Don’t Like

    If you know you LOVE chocolate candy, you would do yourself a huge favor if you bought bags of something that is NOT chocolate to hand out to all the little creatures who find their way to your door.

2.)  Keep The Empty Wrappers

    While you’re at work and you keep walking by Meredith’s desk and grabbing a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, keep those empty wrappers on your desk so you can accurately assess the severity of the situation. It’s easy to tell ourselves we only had a couple if there’s no evidence. That pile of 20 wrappers however tells a different story.

3.)  Stock Up With The Good Stuff

    Just like the lure of the vending machine can be minimized by having healthy snacking options on-hand at your desk, the same rule applies to Halloween candy all over the office. Put out a bowl of fresh fruit and little bags of almonds on your desk.

4.)  Don’t Deny Yourself Completely

    It’s certainly okay to have a piece of candy here and there, just be a little more discerning when it comes to what you’re going to have. Have a couple pieces of your absolute FAVORITE, but don’t let that turn into mindlessly eating the stuff you don’t really like just because it’s there.

5.)  Eat Real Food

    One surefire way to overindulge in candy and sweets is to not have a good breakfast. Starting out hungry is going to have a serious negative impact on your ability to “Just Say No.”  Make an extra effort to eat well-balanced meals throughout the day so that you don’t have to live off of gummy bears.

6.)  Go Trick-or-Treating As A Family… On Foot

    Walk the neighborhood to get all those treats, don’t drive from house to house. Take full advantage of the opportunity to get outside and have some fun as a family.  

7.)  Trick Out Your Treats

    If you are heading to a party where you are going to bring one of your favorite treats… are there some ways you can make a healthier version of it and save yourself and everyone around you some calories?




Posted on October 23, 2015 .