Size Does Matter

Everyday we are faced with more choices. Sometimes, when I think about going for frozen yogurt, my anxiety at the thought of being confronted with all those flavors stops me in my tracks. And let’s not even mention the cereal aisle at a grocery store.


Too many choices can leave us paralyzed and not entirely sure what to do. We tend to get concerned that we will make the wrong choice, that there may have been a better option which, for whatever reason, we didn’t choose.

With fro-yo and cereal, although there are seemingly limitless options, the consequences of making a suboptimal choice are, well, relatively benign. The stakes are a little higher, though, when it comes to choosing your next pair of running shoes.

The right shoe can help to ensure that you keep running happy and injury free. Just the other day, I asked my friends Kyle and Mariah, at The Runner’s Edge in Andersonville, for their top 5 tips for purchasing your next pair…

Talk to the experts. A specialty running store is one of the best places you can visit when you are starting your search. The staff there will know what questions to ask you about your running in terms of distance, intensity, terrain, etc. They will also usually be able to watch you run and analyze your gait which can be huge in helping to determine the best choice for you.

Size does matter. Most people think they know what size they are, but it’s always a good idea to get measured from time-to-time. Our feet can actually change sizes over the years. Also, shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand.

Find your support. You need a shoe that offers the right amount of support – not any more or any less than you actually require. It’s important that you are aware that there is a difference between support and cushioning.

Support takes into consideration whether you tend to pronate or supinate (if your ankles roll in or out) and the type of shoe that will help with that. Cushioning is essentially how comfy the shoe feels, nice and padded or a little more minimalist.

Also, you should more concerned with fit and support than the actual weight of a shoe.

Bring your baggage with you. Take those old shoes shopping with you so they can look at your tread. This gives clues to how you run and what kind of support you may need. Also, bring in the socks you usually use, as well as orthotics or any kind of inserts you regularly use.

Don’t be a trendsetter (or follower). I know it’s tempting to pick a shoe by the design or color – or sometimes even by what your friends are wearing – but as Mariah yelled from across the floor the day I was there, “Forget about what they look like. It’s the absolute least important thing to consider!”

With all this great advice, I’m tempted to ask my new friends at The Runner’s Edge if they might be willing help me pick out the best cereal or frozen yogurt for my needs. You know, based on how I run of course.

Posted on July 12, 2015 .